5slang names for steroids

bulbie or "Smoking the Bulbie" (light bulb for smoking meth 9/23/07)
bubble: one-bulbed pipe (5/29/08)
shwogle (8/8/07)
sally (8/8/07)
dick - glass meth smoking bulb (because it looks like a one balled penis)
post it - rolled up to be used as a snorting device (the adhesive keeps it rolled up)
oil burner, pizzle, pookie pipe (11/13/07)
pito, pizo, peezo (glass pipes - 11/1/07)
buffy the pipeslayer : methhead who breaks your pipes when borrowed (11/4/07 Seattle, WA)
Glassy, Geeker Stick (12/25/07)
Swakko, Swak, or Schwac (2/6/08 Hawaii)
Double Bubble -   When you have mastered the art of blowing your own pipes with Torches and glass and you add an additional bulb. (5/29/08)
Rose - When you go to the convenience stores you can by a bubble, but it comes with a fake rose in it.  You ask did you remember to buy the roses. (5/29/08)
Holy Grail - any pipe that lasts longer than a month (5/17/08 Bakersfield, CA)
Pickle - name of a pipe used to smoke meth (5/20/09 pacifi Northwest)
Pipa - mexican slang for glass dick/pipe

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5slang names for steroids

5 slang names for steroids


5 slang names for steroids5 slang names for steroids5 slang names for steroids5 slang names for steroids5 slang names for steroids