Anabolic carnobolic

TST Powercell - Carnobolic Freeze The Burn Description from Athletic Xtreme

For peak athletic performance, you need superior muscular endurance. Beta-alanine was great for that...kind of...minus the skin-tingling pins and needles and LONG loading time.

At Anabolic Xtreme we decided to CRUSH the beta-alanine category with Carnobolic; the first and ONLY carnosine product to deliver "First Workout" results. Carnobolic wraps a prtective Bio-Armored coating around carnosine itself giving your muscles exactly what they NEED-peak saturation of intramuscular carnosine levels without the tingles, without the loading, and without beta-alanine. By aggressively soaking up the painfully acidic hydrogen ionsthat build up during training, you can delay the burn and continue cranking ot the reps! But we wanted to accomplish MORE! Carnobolic also elevates your muscles' most powerful biological energy source, ATP, and then supercharges neuro-muscular torquing power for peak muscular contractions. This amazing synergy delivers the awe-inspiring "Reps out of Nowhere"effect that everyone is talking about today.


The TST PowerCell is a Limited Edition AX production run. This Power Pack is exclusively designed for hardcore athletes seeking an arcane and underground competitive advantage that is strictly veiled to mainstream athletes. Due to the potent nature of the TST PowerCell, Please follow all directions very carefully to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage.

The TST Power Cell is designed for those of you who hold the belief that you can never have too much power. The newest innovation from Anabolic Xtreme, the TST PowerCell features a never-before-seen and all-natural key alpha isomer ingredient with profound implications in natural testosterone bio-enhancement. Throw this lean, mean, testosterone thirsty and fuel-injected supercharge on top of Mass FX and prepare for the next evolution in your athletic dominance.

Anabolic carnobolic

anabolic carnobolic


anabolic carnobolicanabolic carnobolicanabolic carnobolicanabolic carnobolic