Anabolic diet pre workout meal

hello sir, my name is sunny 20years old…im working in night shift in call center…. day by day im becoming thin & thin…. so im thinkling to join gym again… tell me sir,,,
1-what will b the best time to go to gym
2-how many hours do I need to do gym..
3- tell me the diet chart? what do i have to take in my diet before & after going to gym?
4-how many months i have to workout/
5-my weight is 52kg i want to increase it 72kgs…/ chest should b 42inch
plz help me.. i hope you will help me sir
my email id- [email protected]

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Anabolic diet pre workout meal

anabolic diet pre workout meal


anabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout meal