Distended stomach due to steroids

I have a sweet and lovable Exotic named Fluffy. We adopted him from a shelter and we were told her had been in a very awful situation. He was used for breeding only and the only contact he had was for samples only. Anyways, he was diagnosed with Feline Herpes and he has a Heart murmur. He has been with us since July 2016. He had been really active and cuddly. Took some time to get him comfy with all of the loving and kisses, but he warmed up. He woke up the other morning and was not his usual self. He has massive diarrhea, losing weight (Can feel his back and bones), His “roundness” is now baggy skin, his fur is matty and lost his usually FLUFFINESS, He is a purer, but this is constant and he has also started hiding. We can feel his murmur on our legs, when he lays on us and he is navigating away from the kitchen. If he does eat, he is moaning before, during and after. I also have given baby food (vet suggestion). He doesn’t us the litter box and can’t make the stairs as much as he had. With the Herpes, it is difficult to know if it is that or a cold. Anyways, I am so upset….He is 8 and had a tough life already. I don’t have a million dollars, but need some guidance. I spoke to a friend and she said that the humane thing is to let him go. He had a great last year with love and kindness. Not to let him go, filled with pain and sadness. I love him so much and I am so torn….This is more about my feelings, I know….I just don’t want him to think I gave up on him

Perfect technique for visualizing the circulation of the liver, the bile duct system, the density of the liver tissue, the size of the liver. Ultrasound is highly beneficial in the diagnosis of liver disease. We recommend ultrasounding a liver when the liver enzymes tests are elevated over time, or the bile acids test is abnormal. The internal structure (called parenchyma) can be analyzed, and post-hepatic liver disease can be differentiated from hepatic liver disease. This can be very important because disease in the liver can often be diagnosed with a biopsy during the ultrasound. Post-hepatic liver disease cannot easily be diagnosed in this matter. Instead it is diagnosed and treated with an exploratory surgery (called a laparotomy).

Distended stomach due to steroids

distended stomach due to steroids


distended stomach due to steroidsdistended stomach due to steroidsdistended stomach due to steroidsdistended stomach due to steroidsdistended stomach due to steroids