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Hey. First time around for this. My daughter ended up with it after someone dropped a dog at the house (I’m pretty sure it was dropped) . I gave it flea baths and let the kids love on it. (Wasn’t missing hair or anything at first) only had it 14 days before rehomeing. We already had two dogs. Anyway I wished I knew the lady who stopped and asked for dog my husband gave it away while we were on vacation. And about a week at my parents my daughter breaks out. I think it’s eczema because she does get that. But it exploded!! Then I remember running into a woman at Walmart telling me she had caught mange from her dog. I told her I knew it could but never had it happen to anyone I knew before. Said she battled it for a year now. I told her I thought doctor or ver would have medicine? She was just an aquantance but knew roughly where I lived. She asked do you still live at —– I realized this is probably the dog. She dropped the dog off!!!! I didn’t go to doctor as we were out of town. Dr Christopher’s worm medicine for humans and the next morning they had little black centers in bumps. So I mixed wormwood ground herb and Dr Christopher’s medicine and grapefruit seed oil together and alternated between it one night and horse dewormer the next rubbing on skin. It was not ivermectin it was called strongide paste. But it helped. I also did tea tree oil in showers too. This was what I had to work with at time. This along with black seed oil by mouth and olive leaf extract by mouth. Ok so I went aggressive LOL. it cleared whithin week. (Oh yeah swimming in swimming pool everyday of vacation lol) My mother ordered sulfur soap. But didn’t need it (I thought) But two weeks later we are home and my other daughter has them. So I go to doctor and get permethrin cream. I use it and it seems to help. (I already knew it probably take more than one treatment. But I did do something that I rememberd (halfway through treating with all the herbal stuff) when I was younger treating a dog. Before dipping use peroxide on skin. I don’t know if it makes the eggs or exoskeleton soft or opens pores but this seems to make initial treatment effective with my other daughter too. Really warm shower then peroxide then rinse some dry off and add the permethrin. I went ahead and bought permethrin 10 from tractor supply for 6$ to treat my animals and spray furniture and make a cream if I run out. Plus DE. Trust me I don’t like pesticides BUT I WANA NIP IT IN BUD FAST! Poor babies. And I wish we had known when my husband gave the dog away so we could have warned her. But she stopped to tell my husband in the road and he said well it isn’t mine. And there it went. I pray that lady and her children aren’t going through same thing.

Wow Magnolia! This is a fantastic blog. Kudos to you. Anyhoo, the reason I found my way here was that my co-worker is now heading into menopause. She hasn’t had a cycle for 5 months now. She used to be the sweetest, funniest, outgoing, kindest woman that I had ever met. What a joy it was to be around her. Now, wow, I’m scared! Totally different woman. Never talks, dirty looks, mad, sad, mad again, never leaves her office, definitely not a team player, etc. I feel sooo bad for her. I want to help her but feel that she would shoot daggers at me if I tried 🙁

Jmm steroids

jmm steroids


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