Nasal steroid potency chart

Hi. For your Va jay jay, you can put some organic coconut oil in strips of foil and roll it up Like a suppository and place in the freezer for up to 5 Mins. remove from freezer, I would place in a bag with an ice cube and carry up to your bedroom. Make sure u was ur hands. This should be done when your ready to lay down for the night because once you unroll the foil and it’s in contact with body heat it instantly starts to melt. So have a clean pair of cotton panties next to you with a sanitary pad in place, lie on your back and insert coconut Oil suppository in to your va jay jay , quickly put panties and pad on and lie in the bed immediately. You will instantly feel the oil melting. If you get out the bed after doing so will increase the chance of the oil NOT working, because instead of sitting in you, it would drain out. So remember to do this when your ready to lay in the bed for the night. Ok ladies I hope this was helpful

Topical doses of 0% (Fluocinonide cream vehicle), %, %, and % Fluocinonide cream were evaluated in a 52-week dermal photocarcinogenicity study (40 weeks of treatment followed by 12 weeks of observation) conducted in hairless albino mice with concurrent exposure to low level ultraviolet radiation. Topical treatment with increasing concentrations of Fluocinonide cream did not have an adverse effect in this study. The results of this study suggest that topical treatment with Fluocinonide Cream would not enhance photocarcinogenesis.

Nasal steroid potency chart

nasal steroid potency chart


nasal steroid potency chartnasal steroid potency chartnasal steroid potency chartnasal steroid potency chartnasal steroid potency chart