Olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500

"So, my top flavours from best to least:

1) Cookies & Cream/Vanilla
2) Chocolate
3) Strawberry Cheesecake/Triple Berry
4) Cinnamon Bun

This product has great flavours, though they are a little too sweet for me, so I tend to add more milk than recommended to balance the sweetness out. The vanilla-based flavours and Chocolate tasted great; but I did not care much for flavour three and four; Cinnamon Bun is a major flop in my opinion... simply far too sweet. Personally I liked Combat better with milk because the taste and consistency was more like melted ice cream, but water works just as well. It mixes very easily in a shaker and doesn't leave lumps/pockets of powder. It also makes delicious protein waffles.

Overall, I did see good progress whilst using it. It is definitely a delicious, all-rounded protein source, which I would recommend to others."

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The company Olimp Laboratories sp. z. o. o. was founded in 1990. The company's mission rests on the idea to ensure customers a more comfortable life, health and vitality. The overriding priorities of the activity and inspiration for further development are the highest quality of products and, above all, customer satisfaction.

Over the 20 years of the foundation we have become a company of European range reaching a high position on the demanding German, Austrian, Swiss, French and Scandinavian markets. This would not have been possible without the continuous development of our own scientific database with a modern production and laboratory base. Constant cooperation with the biggest authorities and scientific and research units is led at home and abroad. Investing and merits-related activities have been undertaken by the company in order to achieve the status of pharmaceutical company and to expand the production by our own medicinal products.

Olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500

olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500


olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500olimp sport nutrition anabolic amino 5500