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Tablets are so pointless at my school. My district recently received Nooks for each student-no student uses them and no teacher encourages them because they aren’t effective in the classroom! As a teacher, how do you know your student isn’t playing a game on the tablet? Plus, they hurt my eyes and give me headaches; that means I would have to take more breaks during homework sessions. As a high school student, I MUCH rather be able to flip through pages quickly. STOP pushing technology onto students simply because it fits YOUR tree-hugger agenda! If you’re not in school taking these ridiculous standardized tests on computers and doing tiring and tedious math problems on a website (teachers are now, by the way, encouraged to leave the teaching to a faulty computer program) then you have no room to talk!

In January 2014, Novartis announced plans to cut 500 jobs from its pharmaceuticals division. [51] In February 2014, Novartis announced that it has acquired CoStim Pharmaceuticals. [52] In May 2014, Novartis bought the rights to market Ophthotech 's Fovista (an anti- PDGF aptamer , also being investigated for use in combination with anti- VEGF treatments) outside the United States for up to $1 billion. [53] Novartis will acquire exclusive rights to market the eye drug outside of America whilst retaining US marketing rights. The company agreed to pay Ophthotech $200 million upfront, and $130 million in milestone payments relating to Phase III trials. [53] Ophthotech is also eligible to receive up to $300 million dependent upon future marketing approval milestones outside of America and up to $400 million relating to sales milestones. [54] In September 2014, Ophthotech received its first $50 million phase III trial milestone payment from Novartis. [55] In April 2014, Novartis announced that it would acquire GlaxoSmithKline 's cancer drug business for $16 billion as well as selling its vaccines business to GlaxoSmithKline for $ billion. [56] In August 2014 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reported that Novartis had acquired a 15% stake in Gamida Cell for $35 million, with the option to purchase the whole company for approximately $165 million. [57] In October 2014, Novartis announced its intention to sell its influenza vaccine business (inclusive of its development pipeline), subject to regulatory approval, to CSL for $275 million. [58]

Pct steroids 2013

pct steroids 2013


pct steroids 2013pct steroids 2013pct steroids 2013pct steroids 2013pct steroids 2013