Serena before and after steroids

Serena's long lost cousin Charlie Rhodes comes to Manhattan as Lily is sentenced to house arrest ( The Kids Stay in the Picture ). Meanwhile, Prince Louis has also come to New York to find Blair but Serena is suspicious she's hooking up with Dan ( Petty in Pink ). Still jealous, Serena tries to sabotage Blair's new relationship with Louis by sending his disapproving mother, Sophie Grimaldi , a book of Gossip Girl blasts about Blair's many mistakes ( The Princesses and the Frog ). Blair knows it was her, but decided to let it go because she figured she was still angry about her kiss with Dan. While celebrating Blair's engagement to Louis, Serena realizes Charlie is scheming to make Dan turn her back to her ( Shattered Bass ). Vanessa, who was also screwed over by Charlie's scheming, teams up with Serena to find what's really going on. In the finale The Wrong Goodbye , Serena finds out Charlie is off her meds but is able to talk her down from anything extreme and tells her that being Serena van der Woodsen isn't all it's cracked up to be. In the end, she decides to spend the summer in Montecito, California, with CeCe.

“Obviously when I do have the baby and I want to get back to training, I really want to have that quality sleep I need because I want to come back at some point—hopefully sooner than later,” she shared. Serena will experience motherhood for the first time very soon, since her due date is in Sept. 2017. As far as how she’s feeling, Serena dished, “I have been really fortunate and I have had a really good pregnancy , and everything has just been really good. I never thought I would say that. I am definitely [the type] that enjoys it.”

Serena before and after steroids

serena before and after steroids


serena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroidsserena before and after steroids