Size needles for steroids

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Its pretty easy. Really just depends on your body size. The bigger you are the harder its going to be to reach back there. I have a smaller frame and im very flexible so I dont have a problem. I just recieved some 25 g pins for my glutes to try out and it takes ALOT longer to inject so its pretty uncomfortable being turned in that position for that long. Im goin back to my 23s for glutes. Gets the job done alot quicker and is not anymore painful IMO. I only use 25s for delts. Gonna try and pin my tri's soon and will also use 25g for them but 5/8 in length.

The ideal size for injecting in the glute is 23 gauge inch. Reason being, injecting into the glute is somewhat difficult when you’re first getting used to it as you have to turn around and watch carefully and not move it around to much which is tough when it’s behind you. For this reason it’s ideal to keep the time it takes to a minimum. Pushing in a 23g will be like a pinch, it doesn’t hurt much. Granted it will hurt more than 25g it won’t be bad, and it will be worth it in the end. Using ” is pretty much necessary as you should always leave a little bit of room between the injection spot and the top of the needle in case it were to ever snap off and you had to pull the needle out (this has never happened and probably never will but better safe than sorry!) To get to the meat in the glute you have to be pretty far in, and thus need a inch to get there.

Size needles for steroids

size needles for steroids


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