Snake face steroids

Patient with a knocked-out myostatin gene.

There is no known cure. Lifelong therapy involves: catabolic steroids, muscle-wasting aerobic exercise, low-protein diet, caloric restriction, libido-normalising dopamine antagonists. Degree of success is limited. Prognosis: poor, due to side effects of the therapy and problems with social adaptation.

This particular girl was found by the military personnel during a routine reconnaissance of the Pripyat Oblast, inhabiting abandoned blocks of flats (pictured). She doesn't understand Russian nor Ukrainian.

One more mutant female was found in the zone: http:///157779/

“Kids are never nice to kids with stammers. There was another poor kid who had a more pronounced stammer than mine and he became the official school stammerer. Stammering proved a bit of a gift in my case, in that you have to evolve a very muscular, athletic vocabulary. You don’t stammer at random, you stammer on a small group of consonants. For me, right now, it would be words beginning with 'k’ and 's’. You need to be able to look ahead, spot the approaching roadblock and find a way round it with other words.”

Snake face steroids

snake face steroids


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