Steroid withdrawal night sweats

Thank you for this article. I’m definitely looking to start getting healthy. I’m hoping your suggestions help. I just want to confirm that you recommend taking Alcohol Support and Legion Triumph together? I just didn’t know if I shoujd add more B vitamins or magnesium. I’m on a budget, although when I compare cost of both items to my wine per week purchase month of both alcohol support and triumph is what I spend a week in alcohol. Yet $65/ week I’ve managed to convince myself is “worth it”. Vitamins seem expensive.. just an obvious example of backwards addiction thinking. I recognize the issue… Thank God

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I took cymbalta for my fibromyalgia a half dozen years ago. On the advice of my physician, I stayed on it for many months, despite it’s lack of efficacy and numerous side effects. Eventually, I decided to discontinue it and for several weeks I thought I had the flu with what I called “brain shivers”. I even consulted my doctor and he reassured me that it had nothing to do with the Cymbalta withdrawal. Being a pharmacist, I knew better. After looking on the internet, I tried the “counting pellets” from inside the capsule to safely lower my dosage. It took me many months to wean down and I will never go back to this dangerous drug.

Steroid withdrawal night sweats

steroid withdrawal night sweats


steroid withdrawal night sweatssteroid withdrawal night sweatssteroid withdrawal night sweatssteroid withdrawal night sweatssteroid withdrawal night sweats