Steroids for whooping cough

If you've got a cough (wet or dry) that has lasted eight weeks or longer, you could be suffering from chronic postnasal drip—mucus that accumulates in the sinuses and drips down the back of the throat, creating a tickling sensation that triggers a cough. There's no test for postnasal drip, says Dr. Frank, but you may also have a runny nose or congestion (from allergies or lingering cold symptoms, for example). Other signs include frequent throat clearing and a sore throat. Because it's so common, doctors will often try treating it even if they're not sure of a diagnosis, says Dr. Frank.

In order to diagnose liver diseases and problems, a doctor may need to conduct various tests, which include a blood test, an imaging test as well as a liver biopsy, where some tissue is extracted from the liver, with the help of a long needle. This tissue is then sent to a lab, when it is examined under a microscope. If the results of the tests point out towards a liver problem, then the doctor may suggest various treatment options, ranging from medication to surgery, based on the severity of the problem. Liver problems that lead to liver failure may require an immediate liver transplant.

Steroids for whooping cough

steroids for whooping cough


steroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping coughsteroids for whooping cough