Whey protein and anabolic steroids

2.) The Missing Link in Whey Protein? So if you think it’s just essential amino acids that important for recovery, your partly right but there is something else in whey protein that gives a little bit of an edge for recovery that you can’t get from just taking essential amino acids. For example, when untrained subjects consumed either 25 g of whey protein isolate or 25 g of its whey protein hydrolysate, peak isometric torque was fully recovered by 6 hours post-fatiguing eccentric exercise for subjects consuming the whey protein hydrosylate, whereas recovery was still significantly depressed by 24 hours post-exercise in both the whey protein isolate group. So here you have two protein sources with identical essential amino acid composition, but there was something in the hydrolysate that enhanced recovery above whey protein isolate. Additionally, a earlier study conducted this year reported that acute consumption of a whey protein drink ~approximately 15 grams, in elderly men and women at rest resulted in greater muscle protein kinetics than consumption of an equal component of EAAs ( g). So this shows that there is an missing ingredient that stimulates additional increases in protein synthesis beyond just EAA. It could also be as mentioned in the review paper that, “new discoveries continue to surface regarding bioactive peptides present within dairy, and specifically in whey that may facilitate improved recovery and antioxidant capacity to support physiological adaptations to exercise 4 . ”

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Whey protein and anabolic steroids

whey protein and anabolic steroids


whey protein and anabolic steroidswhey protein and anabolic steroidswhey protein and anabolic steroidswhey protein and anabolic steroidswhey protein and anabolic steroids