Winstrol original e falso

ive never heard of the first 2 products u mentioned. and do u have a lab report for us to validate your claims of high quality. None of the companies are regulated by the FDA. THey all claim to be of the highest quality. its very easy for someone to say this is the highest qualitly protein out there. and your a nutrition student, not trying to be a smart ass, but my ex gf is a dietician and she didnt learn besides the basics about supps in school. and when your talking about most sports supplements, i much more trust a phd in bio-chem or organic chem to be an expert. get the point spammer?[CSVLB]TOUCHE! i can smellem a mile away! i thought i was the only one to post my thoughts of his supposed recommendations. Something is up with this guy, and i guess he thought we were all stupid? Of course i could be wrong, thus making me a JACKASS If i am wrong i send my sincerest appologize, my bad NOT

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Winstrol original e falso

winstrol original e falso


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